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Luli Brindisi 
Choreographer  • Producer 
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Luli. brindisi

 Producer| Director | Choreogrpaher

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Currently based in New York, Luli was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

With education and experience in the worlds of communications and arts, she has had the opportunity to work as a producer and choreographer in different countries around the world including France, Spain, United States,  Argentina, Uruguay and  Chile.


Her credits as a choreographer include major works in musical theatre ( Fenix Entertainment Group, Teatro Gran Rex,  Teatro Opera, TeatroTango Porteño, Teatro Maipo), choreography for TV, music videos, and shows for international brands and companies. In New York her credits include: Off Broadway's " Día y Noche" (by Labrynth Theater) "Infernal the Musical" ( The Flea), "Fuse, A backyard Stravaganza" (HHK Films), "Book of Job" (Theatre 315), National LGTBQ+Task Force and others. She won the Best Director award at the Brisk Festival in Los Angeles California, for "The Bus to Buenos Aires" which she produced , co directed and choreographed . The musical  was created by the broadway composers Mizer & Moore and  was part of the summer season of Microtheater Miami and  finalist at the Brisk Festival,


She is currently Director of Communications for two NY theatre companies: theatreC and Pitchblack Immersive Experiences and  choreographer for the off broadway production "Día y Noche" by Labrynth Theatre.


She is into the world of screendance creating her own dance films, many of which have been screened at international film festivals. You can find her latest dancefilm "Mascara"  on Amazon Prime's series DIF (Discover Indie Films). She is also the founder producer of NYBA DANCE FILM FEST.

​Her goal is to deliver unforgettable artistic experiences to people across the globe.


dance films


The Break Up

Dancers: Erik Ferreyra, Fiorella  Gimenez 

Video Edition: Eliana Fuino, Daniela Bisbal.

Choreography: Luli Brindisi

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Sick With It

Dancers: Julieta Lussenhoff, Vicky C. Alcorta, Vero Pacenza, Agus Runza.

Video Edition: Agus Runza.

Choreography & idea: Luli Brindisi


I'd rahter go blind

2020 MDFF - Official Selection - White Background.png

Dancers: Yosy Machado, Chia Michia, Mica Racana.

Choreography: Luli Brindisi

Director: Talo Silveyra

Dancers: Eluney Salazar, Julia Astigueta, Fiorella Gimenez, Cata Vicz, Agos Zelko, Juli Lombardi, Lu Bilbao

Director & Choreography: Luli Brindisi

Videogrpaher: Flor Giardino

Producers: Luli Brindisi - Alesso

Captura de Pantalla 2022-10-31 a la(s) 22.26.23.png

Now You See Me

2020 MDFF - Official Selection - White Background.png

Dancers: David Ferrand

Director : Talo Silveyra

Choreography: Luli Brindisi


Music & idea: Ramiro Santos

Video Edition: Agos Media

Dancer: Luli Brindisi



Dancers: Rodo Santamarina, Luli Brindisi

Choreography: Meli Navarro

Video Edition : Medhi Ribert

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